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Building the Smart Cities of the Future


24 Hours

November 1-2, 2018



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Primrose Ballroom, Aria Hotel 

Join Us For One of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Conventions of the Year!

From November 1st – November 2nd, we’re bringing together 100+ developers to the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas to explore blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and cryptocurrencies. Through on-site mentors, presentations, and conversations with global industry-leading companies, we will heighten awareness and foster the growth of new and exciting projects in this fast and disruptive industry.

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3 Different Challenges… 3 Tracks


How can blockchains and cryptocurrencies be used to improve outcomes and reduce disparities so that every child has equal promise?


This hackathon will explore solutions to the global problem of mismanaged or broken online identities through the usage of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Internet of Things

One of the most significant aspects of IoT is its application in smart cities, which is the backbone of Smart-Government.

This hackathon seeks to improve educational outcomes for Nevada, which ranks last in education in the USA. 


Schools and universities face many of the same issues as cities, especially when it comes to (i) needs for security improvements, (ii) replacing aging infrastructure and (iii) skill development for the populations they serve. Automation and the job insecurity that heralds is particularly perplexing for Nevada, given it ranks last in education in the United States. While 36 percent of jobs in Nevada are in occupations that typically require less education than a high school diploma, the highest concentration of any state, there is a clear need to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s “new collar” jobs.


Identity Theft is the Fastest Growing Consumer Crime in America.

The Smart City of the Future needs smart identity management in order to ensure “smarter” also translates to safer. 17.6 million persons, or about 7 percent of U.S. residents age 16 or older, fell victim to at least one incident of identity theft in 2014, (date of latest statistics). Nevada ranks 7th highest in the USA. Law-abiding residents and visitors need enhanced Privacy of Identity (PoID) initiatives with a minimal disclosure of personal data wherever possible so that “smart” does not mean the loss of privacy.

Internet of Things

The charter of the city of Las Vegas for becoming a smart city is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient civic technology that stimulates economic growth. Not only does Las Vegas hold the #2 ranking nationwide in the US Open Data Census, but the city is also deploying a robust connected vehicle corridor, making it the perfect stage for autonomous vehicles. As Las Vegas expects to undergo a period of exponential growth in short order, current infrastructure, public transit capacity, and public services will be impacted.

One of the most significant aspects of IoT is its application in smart cities, which is the backbone of Smart-Government. Whether that be processing massive amounts of data, autonomous vehicles, sophisticated sensor networks, or other innovations we have yet to think of, the usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to facilitate these inventions we believe to be inevitable.

World Class Judges

Michael Sherwood

Director of Technology and Innovation

City of Las Vegas

Jordan Kruger

Director of Research and Operations

Bloq, Inc.

Maxine Ryan

COO and Co-Founder

Bitspark Limited

Grand Prize

1.0 BTC








Metronome (MET) Prize

1,000 MET


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All hackathon participants are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct