Cryptocurrency Investment and Analysis Workshop

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This workshop, developed and taught by Bitcoin Market Journal’s investment team, will explain how to identify great investments in the New Finance space, from cryptocurrencies to ICOs.

Whether you’re looking to invest in the market, or you currently hold or trade cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, this workshop will give you a practical, profitable approach to investing in the world of New Finance.

Through real-life examples and classroom discussion, we’ll cover:

  • How to invest and trade in crypto assets
  • Principles of crypto & altcoin analysis
  • How to analyze ICO offerings for strong Return on Investment
  • How to identify disruptive blockchain investment opportunities
  • Diversifying risk and building a balanced portfolio of crypto assets

Case study material and investment due diligence tools will be provided to all attendees. Attendees are also encouraged to subscribe to Bitcoin Market Journal for in-depth analysis and pre-ICO investment opportunities at

*Classes are included FREE with your WCC Access Badge purchase.