World Crypto Con’s University Research Showcase

Are you a member of a university team that is working on cutting edge research relating to blockchain technology? Do you find your research important and want to showcase your progress at World Crypto Con in front of thousands of blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiasts? If so, World Crypto Con is sponsoring 6 teams to come join us at the conference and present their work at World Crypto Con’s University Research Showcase!

Selection Process and Timeline

  1. Submissions will be accepted until 10/1/2018
  2. The Team at World Crypto Con will review and deliberate over all of the submissions and choose 10 finalists from 10/1/2018 to 10/15/2018
  3. World Crypto Con will announce the top 10 finalist teams on 10/17/2018
  4. A round of community voting will begin following the announcement of finalists until 10/20/2018 deciding which teams should receive the sponsorship. All .edu emails can vote and the top 6 teams with the most votes will receive the sponsorship

Submission Requirements:

  • Abstract of Work to be Presented
  • Why you believe your work is important and should be shared at World Crypto Con
  • University to be Represented
  • Team Members (Up to 4)
  • GitHub Link (Optional / Per Person or Group)
  • Linkedin Links (Optional / Per Person)


If there are any questions and/or concerns regarding World Crypto Con’s University Research Showcase, 

please send an email to: [email protected]