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We want to connect the crypto community with all sectors of cryptocurrency mining in one conference. Learn from industry experts about energy transmission, data center manufacturing, equipment sellers, cloud mining companies, and mining pools.



  • Energy and Infrastructure Secrets

Future of Mining/ High-Density Computing

  • Joint Venturing the Key to Growth

JV Deal structures, the Good the Bad the Ugly

  • Rapid Data Center Build-outs and Fabrication

New Blockchain Opportunities to Mine

  • Financing Data Center Space and Mining Servers

The Latest in Pools – Where is the Competitive Advantage

  • What to Expect when you’re Expecting

Server Hardware Improvements and Advances

Make the Right Choice

  • Choice To Sell or Not to Sell How to use Futures Contracts to Stabilize

Cryptocurrency Mining Reward Cash Flows


Aaron Tilton

Founder | Power Block

Tron Black

Founder | RavenCoin

Laurent Féral-Pierssens

Founder | Inception Block Ventures

Peter Poulin

Founder | Green Revolution Cooling

Andres Romero

Founder | Nova-bit

Mining is a multifaceted, all-important, foundation to cryptocurrencies markets. High paced, high stakes and highly competitive… As a miner, you know that every advantage means more crypto rewards, more growth, and less risk.

World Crypto Con is the first Conference to bring the successful real world experience professionals from the most innovative mining-related companies in the world today. The conference will provide valuable information on the cheapest electricity, best mining sites and best business deal being completed in the industry.