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October 31, 2018

Aria Hotel East Convention Center

Level 1 – Joshua Room 5/6

Bitcoin Market Journal’s John Hargrave has developed four 1-hour workshops geared towards educating attendees on how to identify great investments in the New Finance space of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and ICOs.

Whether you’re looking to invest in the market, currently hold or trade cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, or simply looking to gain insight into identifying patterns and charting market moves, these workshops will give you a practical, potentially profitable approach to investing in the world of New Finance.


Hanaan Rosenthal


RoseWind Capital

Travis Winden

Head Portfolio Manager

RoseWind Capital

Pete Angus

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Media Shower


Safer Trading Through Risk Management & Diversification

Managing risk, diversification, and money management are the keys to being a savvy and disciplined investor.  Dr. Winden will cover how to minimalize downside risk, how to classify coins/tokens into risk categories, and how to diversify a crypto portfolio.

Lead Instructor: Dr. Travis Winden


Chart & Pattern Recognition

Chart recognition is the backbone of technical trading.  Dr. Winden will cover chart patterns used by professional traders around the world in successfully trading all markets. Chart pattern recognition is a key area of competency in technical trading in accurately forecasting the probability of market moves before they happen.

Lead Instructor: Dr. Travis Winden


Technical Indicators and How to Use Them

Dr. Winden will speak on the top, most-used technical indicators by traders, both professional and non-professional alike.  This session will cover the differences between leading and lagging indicators.  Dr. Winden will share his professional trading methods and how he uses indicators to trade a crypto hedge fund.  Those attending this session will gain better insight into how technical traders operate and the benefits of using this system.  Dr. Winden will share WHAT WALL STREET DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Lead Instructor: Dr. Travis Winden


Introduction to Algorithms, Bots, TradingView and Advanced Crypto-trading Techniques

This course will touch on various aspects of crypto trading that are often difficult to grasp. What is a maker and a taker? What exactly does it mean to short bitcoin and where can you safely do it? Should you trade with a bot, and which bot is best? How can you get started in programming TradingView charts? What exactly is a wallet and what is the best kind? You’ll learn all of this and more so you can start trading like a pro!

Lead Instructor: Hanaan Rosenthal


Case study material and investment due diligence tools will be provided to all attendees.

Attendees are also encouraged to subscribe to Bitcoin Market Journal for in-depth analysis and pre-ICO investment opportunities at https://www.bitcoinmarketjournal.com/subscribe/

*Classes are included FREE with your WCC Access Badge purchase